Why Hot Yoga?

Heat and yoga go hand in hand for many reasons.. A warm body stretches easily and is always less tense. Muscles and tendons become supple, bringing fluidity and grace to even the most seemingly awkward poses. Heat takes the trauma out of stretching and helps prevent, and repair, injuries. As your body temperature rises, it demands more oxygen which increases blood circulation. It is the fresh-oxygenated blood flow to each muscle, joint, ligament, tendon and organ that modifies the body's chemistry and allows the healing process to begin. The heat and humidity in the room allow for a thorough workout and promote just the right amount of sweating. Sweating is your body's natural air-conditioner. It helps your body release heat and rids itself of toxins. A heated studio allows you to move with more agility, and greater skill and control, bringing confidence and comfort to muscles that may tend to cramp -- especially on those chilly winter days! All in all, the addition of heat to your practice will help you to reach your full potential!

Our Hot Yoga and Hot Yoga Flow classes are practiced with heat ranging between 95-105 degrees; Power Vinyasa classes are at 90-95 degrees. Our Restorative Yoga classes are practiced at a comfortable room temperature. The Solar Yoga studio is equipped with a custom heating system that brings fresh air into the room, with the humidity maintained at around 50%. Remember to be patient with yourself -- it may take three or more classes, done successively, to fully acclimate to a hot yoga practice.

It is normal to feel a bit sore after your first few classes. The best thing you can do is come in - and take another class! Soon enough any discomfort you feel will disappear and you will begin to feel the incredible benefits! The secret: Try your best, trust the process, and let nature take its course!

JOY Club

Everyone is welcome to take a drop in class, however, becoming a member means you'll have unlimited yoga classes all month long. The key to receiving all of yoga’s benefits and sustaining a successful, life-long practice begins with consistency and patience.

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